Free Consultation: We offer all interested golfers, coaches, and parents free consultations to discuss our various programs in greater detail, answer all questions, and explain more about how our services can help. Contact information is provided below.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality of all clients is a priority. Client information will not be released to anyone without a written or verbal authorization from the client, (or parent if client is a minor), except as provided for by law. Non-Disclosure Agreements can also be used upon request to ensure privacy. Note: Coaching calls may be recorded and kept confidential as well as archived for our records.

Monthly Coaching Program Details: Each month, private coaching clients will receive 4 weekly full coaching sessions that are 60-90 minutes in length. In addition to the 4 sessions, golfers have direct access to John Weir in-between sessions via text messages, email communication, and short phone or Skype calls (what we call a ‘zap’ session) when needed prior to events. Private coaching clients also receive a copy of John’s book Golfers Guide To Mental Fitness and other materials related to their program, goals, and strategies for success. In addition, clients who commit to a 6 month program will receive a 1 day of on-course mental coaching with John Weir included in the program (course fees still apply and travel expenses when applicable). Clients who commit to a 12 month program will receive 3 days of on-course mental coaching with John Weir included in the program (course fees still apply and travel expenses when applicable). Note: Coaching programs do not include swing instruction or analysis.

Additional Sessions: Clients who want or need additional sessions beyond the coaching program outlined above are available upon request and billed at $125 per session. These additional sessions only apply for those in a 3-12 month coaching program. Parents and/or investors will be notified prior to any additional sessions to get confirmation before proceeding.

Payments: The Mental Golf Academy™ accepts payments by check or credit card. Checks are to be made out to: Mental Golf Academy™ and sent to the PO Box listed below. Credit card payments will be processed via PayPal and your statements will reflect this. All coaching programs begin when payment as been made in full. Payment options available for 12 month coaching clients. Prices effective as of August 1, 2014. Pricing subject to change.

Travel Expenses: When travel is involved that is more than 75 miles outside of Lake Mary, Florida clients may incur additional fees to cover travel and related expenses for meetings, evaluations, coaching, and observations that are conducted. The client will reimburse airfare, rental car, gas, hotel, meals and other incidentals. Mileage calculations are based on IRS tax codes and meals are charged at a flat rate of $30 per day.

Parent Update Calls: If the client is a minor or young college golfer, then parents have the opportunity once a month to have a 15 minute conference call with John Weir to discuss the progress of their son or daughter and give parents the opportunity to ask questions about any relevant topics related to their performance.

My Approach: My approach is to provide all my clients with the very best of my abilities to help them achieve their short term and long term goals. All my services are client-centered to the individual and based on the results of the client’s self-assessments, intakes, and profiles.

Contact Information:  Telephone Number: (412) 427-1558. Email:

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