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John B. Weir:  Director of Mental Golf Academy™ and Mental Performance Coach

John Weir is the co-founder of the Mental Golf Academy™ based in Lake Mary, Florida and is the Mental Performance Coach to elite junior, collegiate, and professional golfers from around the world. John is the developer/head researcher of the Mental Golf Type® system, the author of Golfer’s Guide to Mental Fitness, and the creator of The Mental Caddie subconscious conditioning program.

In 2014, John started working with the Mike Bender Golf Academy as the mental coach for their individual players as well as the MBGA Elite Program and Junior Champions Program. In addition to his work with his individual players and those at the Mike Bender Golf Academy, John has also achieved success working with collegiate golf teams. During his first two seasons working as the mental coach with Seminole State College Women’s Golf Team, the team won their first NJCAA National Championship in 2015 and finished runner-up in 2016. In his first year working with Concordia University Men’s Golf Team, the team won their first American Southwest Conference Championship in 2016 and the team made their first appearance in the D3 National Championships.

Throughout the years, John’s work has been featured in many media forums including TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Some notable features include ESPN Radio, FOX Sports, and Golf Talk Live. John had a feature article in Golfer Mag (a Scottish publication) as well as a contributor to a mental game article in the Golf Magazine October 2014 issue. John was a speaker for the Proponent Group at the 2016 PGA Trade Show and a keynote speaker at the 2015 San Diego Golf Fest. Most recently, John’s “Stoplight” pre-shot routine concept was presented on Golf Channel Academy by MBGA instructor Cheryl Anderson.

For the last sixteen years, John has been helping his clients take control of their minds to achieve personal breakthroughs utilizing the most effective mental fitness tools including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, applied psychology, typology, and motivational strategies. John’s diverse educational background includes: psychology alumnus from Point Park University, NLP Master Practitioner, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH)/Instructor (CI) through the National Guild of Hypnotists, From Stressed to Best: Certified Stress Reduction Specialist, and Mental Fitness Coach. His Mental Fitness Golf Certification Course has been offered to mental coaches and hypnotists from over 60 countries. John is a recognized authority in the hypnosis profession and the recipient of numerous awards including the Ormond McGill Award for faculty member of the year as well as being the youngest person in the NGH’s 65 year history to be inducted into their Order of Braid - the highest honor given for lifetime achievement.

John is passionate about his work coaching his golfers to achieve new levels of performance on the course as well as educating people about the power of the mind in his workshops, lectures, and writings. In addition, John is excited about continuing his exploration and research in the mind body connection in golf. Every day there are new breakthroughs occurring in the mental side of golf and John Weir is one of those at the forefront in discovering the true power of the mind in the game of golf.


Sevan Dakarian Weir:  Director of Executive Performance 

Sevan Dakarian Weir is the co-founder and business architect of the Mental Golf Academy™ as well as a typology expert. Sevan is a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner, From Stressed to Best: Certified Stress Reduction Specialist, and a major contributor and researcher to the Mental Golf Type® system.

Sevan understands the importance of a strong mind and mental focus to achieve peak performance in sports from her experience racing high performance sports cars. Sevan has competed on many California racetracks including Laguna Seca and Willow Springs as well as competed in many rallies including the Targa Trophy Cup. She has even appeared in magazines such as European Car.

In addition, as the Director of Executive Performance at the Mental Golf Academy™, Sevan specializes in teaching executives peak performance strategies that apply in business, personal life, and on the golf course. Sevan understands the pressure and performance demands that executives deal with on a daily basis from her background in finance. Since 1999 as an investment advisor in the high paced financial industry, Sevan has profiled, developed, and implemented complex personalized financial strategies for high net worth individuals as well as regional and global businesses privately held and publicly traded. Her knowledge in speaking 4 languages has given her the ability to understand and communicate with diverse clients throughout the years and help them reach their goals.

Sevan’s diverse background in performance provides a unique and refreshing approach to maximizing human potential. 

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